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måndag 29 augusti 2011

Giving birth to our baby boy...

Den svenska versionen av min förlossningsberättelse finns i mitt föregående inlägg..:)

Thursday 25.8.2011

01.58 a.m  I wake up to a fimiliar "click" in my stomach. I´m laying still and waiting. Trying to turn to my back when the water starts to trickle! It´s time!:) I wake up Kim who still half asleep tries to find some towels.

I make a call to the delivery ward and they tell us to eventually make our apperiance since my last two deliverys have been two very fast ones. I am also calling my mom who will stay at home with Liam and Bianca during the labour.
I get dressed,check my bag,eat some and take some pictures of my belly since this is the last time I will have a belly of this kind..:)
I´m not having any contractions to mention anyway so we are not in such a hurry.

03.00 a.m  We are arriving to the delivery ward,they check the babys heartbeat,my bloodpreassure and make an examination to check whether I am open,3 cm is the result. I get changed into my lovely hospital dress.

03.45 a.m  We get our familyroom where we spend some time trying to sleep (since it is in the middle of the night and I am sooo tired). Still having no contraction worse than the ones I´ve had the last month.
4.45 a.m  My contrations are now some more painful but still nothing to talk about. Kim is sleeping his beautysleep..:)

05.20 a.m  Suddenly as if I was struck by lightning I get a very very painful contraction!! Wow,was that a turnover,from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat! My midwife makes a visit,checking the baby heartbeat again and examen me,still 3 cm open but just in case we move over to the delivery ward.

05.40 am  Installed in the delivery ward.. I am having such incredible strong and intense contrations at the moment so I´m more than glad to get the laughing gas in my hand! Unfortunately I am breathing so heavily so I am all above the clouds in between the contractions..:) But man do they hurt and come closely!!

My whole body is shaking and from what my midwife and Kim said it was very obvious that I was in alot of pain at the moment! Around 5.50 I am open 8 cm.

05.58 a.m Shit,I have to push and without beeing able to control it the head is on the way! I remember screaming,"is it the baby who is coming already??" And yes it was..My midwife didn´t even have time to chech whether I was fully open,she just about got time to call in an assistant midwife (there has to be two of them during the delivery) and get a apron,the other midwife came in and at the same time the baby was coming! I pushed once and out he came in a heartbeat,my god it went quick!!Both midwifes pointed out that that was a fast one,either they or we really managed to keep up with the speedy delivery,Kim hardly understood that he was already out but since we heard him crying we knew it was over!:)
I got an injection for the placenta to come out and it did,about 11 minutes after the baby and then they put one stich since I got a small chap due to his fast arrival.

Now it was time to breastfeed him and he got it right away! Hungry little poor one..:) I breastfed him for a while,then we got some breakfast and during that time the measured the babyboy. He was 3810 g,50 cm long and the head measured 34,5cm. After that I breastfed him again,then went in the shower and off to our room.

We spent two days at the hospital,eating,sleeping,pooping and eating again..:) Liam and Bianca made a visit the first evening and the thought he was so small but cute! Liam was a little dissapointed though since the baby didn´t speak to him and Bianca found my hospital dress sooo gorgeous..:)

Saturday it was time for the doctors checkup,everything looked great so we went home..home sweet home! Liam and Bianca was very glad to see us again but Bianca did point out that the baby was not allowed to eat her food,just his own..:)

We have now been home for a couple of days and everything is going smootly. Liam and Bianca are sometime a little too willing taking care of the baby but everything feels just great!
Shortly we can say that the delivery went very well and fast once again (according to the papers 40 minutes from start to finish)
And perhaps it is good for now,3 kids feels like the perfect number..but never say never,right..?;)
Here are some pictures from D day:

Picture taken during the night at 02.30 a.m before we went to the hospital

Checking the babys heartbeat

In our familyroom resting before it´s time

From the previous picture to this one it went very fast. Here we are about 2 minutes old

Happy to get some food!:)

Dressed for success!

Arrived at our room

About 12 hours old

Liam and Bianca visiting us at the hospital

Daddys sweetheart

Going home..

First evening at home..sooo tired...

Mr Alert!


And finishing off with a story from the other night
Liam says: "Mummy,do you still have a big belly?"
I show him my not too small belly and he burst out:
"Oh,how big! Is there another one?? Then we have to get a bus!!"

1-0 to Liam...:)


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  1. Tanti tanti auguri e felicità,baci ai bimbi,ciao Mariella


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